Attending the Waterlees Wisbech forum on Wednesday, I found a group of residents intent on making the most deprived ward in Cambridgeshire better.

In a perverse reaction to being shut out of council funding, this community is going to rebuild their rotten skate park and start a youth group using their very limited resources.

Most funding streams, lottery, council grant, etc., specify that there is matched funding from the community. This is fine when you have a well-off middle-income community. But in wards like Waterlees, every household has to scrape around for the necessities. There is no money to match fund. With no business, church or other potential donor, Waterlees is excluded from the very funds it most needs. Councils and other funding streams need to change their matched funding from money to time! Something I promise to do for the Combined Authority when I become Mayor.

What Waterlees does have is people with goodwill: this is what they are using to change the image of Waterlees from most deprived, to most improved!


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