Peter Dawe

I see my role as someone who wants to share my ideas with others. I seek to encourage and enable these people. The very people who have the energy and shared values and vision that I have. These are people who’ll ultimately make the world a better place.

Peter Dawe

Cambridgeshire has several world-class educational establishments, yet businesses across the county are desperate for employees who have the skills they need to operate and grow.

Education is valuable; however, it is skills that produce our wealth, whether it is building trades, clinical skills and IT skills or operating hi-tech state-of-the-art equipment. With a few exceptions, businesses have been left with the choice of recruiting overseas or doing their own in-house training. This is unsustainable, especially with Brexit.

Fortunately, there are now 21st century techniques to enable more effective training. On-line training videos make the world’s best teachers available to all. Computer simulation and virtual reality technology can provide crucial experience in an inexpensive and safe environment.

Businesses will specify their training needs and the skill levels they require.

The 21stcentury training centres need to:

  • Curate the training course from existing on-line material.
  • Provide the resources to practice skills and techniques.
  • Provide tutors for one-to-one feedback.
  • Provide a testing structure to ensure that the trainee is progressing appropriately and achieves the verified skill level a qualification needs.

Similarly, my vision is for Peterborough and every Cambridgeshire town to have a local, virtual 21st century university. One that is in partnership with world-leading institutions, not necessarily UK-based. Yes, a campus, but flexible work-spaces, and tutors who are practising professionals.

Cambridgeshire is a place for the future, not a bastion of out-dated practices.


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