Peter Dawe

Mark Ringer is Peter’s running mate for Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Mark Ringer

Mark Ringer, originator and director of The Willow Festival (TWF) in Peterborough, has been selected as Peter Dawe’s running mate for Mayor of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

While there is no formal role for a deputy at the newly created Combined Authority, Peter Dawe believes that the region is too diverse for it to be handled by a single Mayor without support. Until this anomaly is corrected, Peter will share the £70,000 salary, allocated to the Mayor, with Mark.

Mark brings amazing lifetime knowledge of Peterborough. His volunteer and professional work on various projects and local events has made him familiar with all Peterborough communities, as well as helping the town council with local community issues. He is a true independent, never standing for any political party.

Peter and Mark agree that all communities need opportunities to celebrate together. Creating and supporting valuable assets such as The Willow Festival throughout the city and wider county will be a priority.

Peter and Mark share many characteristics: they are both successful social entrepreneurs; both had businesses in the media sector; both want the very best for their community; both are informed by their experiences and struggles to bring projects to fruition; they are willing to undertake tasks of scale; and, most importantly, they will fight to succeed in the face of adversity. 

Peter Dawe says: “Whilst Mark and I share vision, our knowledge of the region is complementary. I am familiar with rural, fens and Cambridge; Mark has knowledge of Peterborough and surrounding area. Mark has extensive knowledge of the arts and culture sector; I have extensive knowledge of technology and agriculture.”

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