Peter Dawe

I see my role as someone who wants to share my ideas with others. I seek to encourage and enable these people. The very people who have the energy and shared values and vision that I have. These are people who’ll ultimately make the world a better place.

Peter Dawe

The failure to balance housing, employment and infrastructure in Cambridgeshire has made it one of the most unequal places in the UK. Landowners and developers are exploiting the severe shortage of homes to make high profits, gaming the system to ensure that the shortage is maintained to keep prices high. The rental market is similarly unbalanced, with landlords enjoying high rents and rapid capital appreciation, allowing them to buy yet more properties.

The only way we can make good, affordable homes accessible to all is by radically changing how we operate the housing market in Cambridgeshire.

  • Build a homes factory that can make 20 homes a day to consistent high specification.
  • Make housing land available by a massive increase to planning permits.
  • Sell government-owned development land directly to the public to ensure that building is rapid and not “gamed” by developers, and the people of Cambridgeshire benefit from any gains.
  • Issue permits for mobile homes on any development land not immediately used for construction.
  • Seek to charge rates on development land as business assets, rather than “land”.
  • Build New Towns that are service-rich, reducing the need for travel to Cambridge for health, education, retail and leisure, etc.
  • Build New Towns that can support high quality transport connections to other urban areas.
  • Do not scatter unsustainable new homes across the county in greenfield sites with no access to transport, services or jobs.
  • Do not create further injustice, by offering “social housing” or other subsidised homes to a lucky few, at the expense of the many. For example, two nurses working together on being £1,000s better off simply because they were lucky to get a subsidised “social house”.

All of this is deliverable. I have already commenced the plans for the homes factory to be built near Thorney in North Cambridgeshire. Planning permits are in the powers of local government and New Towns at Northstowe and Waterbeach are already on the drawing board. There is plenty of government-owned land available in Cambridgeshire through the MoD and County Farms, to name two sources.

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