Peter Dawe

I see my role as someone who wants to share my ideas with others. I seek to encourage and enable these people. The very people who have the energy and shared values and vision that I have. These are people who’ll ultimately make the world a better place.

Peter Dawe

A world-leading county, in community, quality of life, culture, sustainability and pure and applied knowledge.


Community. Broad, inclusive, engaged and empowered

  • Cambridgeshire is fortunate to have a diverse population that generally share a common vision of the county they want. This must be maintained through the coming years, ensuring that no community is excluded, or stands apart. A challenge is to ensure that low paid work does not create an underclass who do not share the common vision.
  • Development of the common vision must be owned by all, through everyone being able to contribute to key decisions. Using Internet and Mobile technology makes this more possible than ever. Information from all parties can be accessible, and votes can be taken at little cost.
  • The community is enabled to create and contribute to the welfare of the county. Businesses and organisations supporting community initiatives, rather than taking them over or suffocating them.


Improving quality of life

  • Accommodation is perhaps the largest factor in lowering the quality of life in Cambridgeshire. The boom in micro-apartment “student accommodation” will rapidly become depressed tenements. Accommodation at all levels is too small and too expensive. To expect world-leading people to live in such conditions is unreasonable. Without a major upgrade of housing, Cambridgeshire will cease to be able to attract and keep the world’s best. Much of the new housing should be in dense, service-rich new towns in Northstowe, Waterstowe, Eaststowe, Fenstowe and Peterstowe; each town offering local services and moving some of the regional services out of Cambridge to bring balance to each of the communities. Spacious buildings that please and inspire progressively replace the “Minecraft City” style of the 2000s.
  • Using Cambridge-developed state of the art techniques, we are called into clinics before we are aware of anything being wrong. Treatment is fast and effective as the diagnosis is early. The savings are invested into preventative medicine and palliative care.
  • Transportation is 100% powered from sustainable sources. Driverless pods take all in total safety to rapid transport hubs that connect the wider Cambridgeshire communities and beyond.
  • “A List” acts perform in the world-class performing spaces in the Cambridgeshire Arena complex at one of the New Towns. Together with exhibition and conference facilities, Cambridgeshire continues to enjoy diverse quality arts in its many venues.
  • Pervasive Gigabit Internet using fibre and wireless makes access to any information instant and easy.


Pure and applied knowledge

  • The world’s experts all want to come to Cambridge. The quality of life, diversity of the research and access to state-of-the-art research facilities all make Cambridge the premier world centre for research.
  • Spin-off businesses grow rapidly, headquartered in and around Cambridgeshire, with high value-added businesses in an outer service zone reaching out to the Fens and Peterborough.
  • Cambridgeshire as the early adopter of world-leading initiatives.
  • Cambridge has the first all-electric transport system.
  • Goods arrive using driverless vehicles at your door at a time convenient to you.
  • Passenger pods using lightweight materials.
  • Medical telemetry informing people of any emerging health issues.
  • Education using immersive interactive multimedia systems allow everyone to learn from the best teaching at school, at work and at home.
  • Businesses using their resources to develop the skilled, high wage and high productivity workforce they need. Robotics remove the need for unrewarding, dangerous or unpleasant work being done by humans.


There is nothing in this vision that cannot be delivered, and within the resources available to Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area. Cambridgeshire can “capture” the wealth it creates to finance the investment needed for further success in the future. The unbalanced Cambridgeshire has made many wealthy at the expense of others. A balanced Cambridgeshire will work for everyone.


©Peter Dawe OBE Fen 2017

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